Monday, 10 October 2011

Great Britain win the 2011 International

Team GB regained the International Pike Challenge trophy in a thrilling display over the weekend against Ireland on the Fens around Peterborough.
A superior British squad amassed a total on Saturday of 63 pike for 150 lbs 11 ozs, against that of Ireland's 53 pike for 97 lbs 03 ozs. A lead of 53 lbs 08 ozs to take into Day 2.
Sunday saw a spirited fight back from the Irish which at one stage threatened to overhaul the impressive Day 1 lead. However, the British soon started to match the Irish and to maintain a catch rate.
At the end of the day, Great Britain had but for a few ounces matched the weight of the first day, whilst Ireland had managed 139 lbs 06 ozs. Team GB taking the honours again with a lead on the day of just over 9 lbs.
Overall the British had a two-day total of 300 lbs 13 ozs against that of Ireland's 238 lbs 09 ozs. A win for Great Britain by 62 lbs 04 ozs.
The Two teams were:
Great Britain: Jaub Potrykus (captain), Andrew Waller, Paul Danby, Mark Groom, Derek Lowe, Mark Lloyd, John Currie, Adam Holmes, Gary Edwards & Wayne Lees.
Ireland: Paul Dennis (captain), Jimmy Clarke, Eugene McCabe, Andrej Duran, Brendan Jarvis, Joe Coleman, Robbie McShane, Ibar Condron, Gary Quinn & Eddie McGurk.
Next year will see the 21st International meeting between the two nations held somewhere in Ireland.